What is Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking is a fantastic sport that is practiced in the open air, a gentle workout that builds stamina, strength and fitness.
It is the perfect exercise to get a simple weight reduction without straining the joints.

The same running enthusiasts choose Nordic Walking permanently or even temporarily, for example when they have problems in the joints of the knee or the hip or when they have to completely cure a trauma.
Nordic Walking involves the arms actively in the movement. This implies an increase of the muscles of the shoulders and chest and a strengthening of the cervical musculature.
Nordic Walking with the load on the joints of the hip, knee and foot is decreased.

Overall, we can say that Nordic Walking is 40% more effective than traditional walking.
Nordic Walking exercise all major muscles, similar to cross country skiing. Arms and shoulders are involved actively making the exercise more effective. It is also easy to practice, a natural movement with alternating rhythm

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Guide Nordic Walking
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